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Keep it Fresh: The Benefits of Trimming Your Hair Routinely

December 13, 2019 | Posted by NuMe Team
Keep it Fresh: The Benefits of Trimming Your Hair Routinely

Our hair is like our baby; we love it and want the best for it. So when we have to cut out tresses, it can sometimes be terrifying. But I assure you there is nothing to fear. From root to ends, we have to maintain our hair. One way to keep strong, healthy hair is getting routinely trims. Making sure those split ends are cut off because they don’t go away on their own. If you ignore them, they just continue tearing apart, and you’ll just end up having to cut more hair off. 


No More Split Ends, Please? 

If you are taking care of your hair, an inch is the most you will need to cut away to keep it healthy. The longer you wait, the more damage occurs. Split ends happen when your hair gets too much heat and strain from styling and hair treatments. This damage can lead to dull, rough, frizzy, and thinning of your hair. And did I mention breakage? Yes, you can lose your hair, so get to trimming ladies! 


Hold onto Volume & Texture


Sometimes the simplest things make the most significant changes, and in the case of hair, this is 100% true. A simple trim can change your hair's overall health. It won’t be brittle or dull. Your hair will do a complete 180°  going from damaged to healthy. The shine and softness will instantly be noticeable. So the next time you get a trim, run your fingers through your hair and feel the difference and watch as your hair radiantly glows. It’s truly shocking! 


Stronger, Longer Hair 

Most of us are scared to cut our hair. Yes, I’ll admit. I am one of them. Sometimes, I don’t even trust a hairstylist because she/he might cut it too short or mess it up. It’s okay to feel like that, but don’t let it stop you from getting a trim because it can actually help you grow your hair. Yes! You are reading it right. It can be beneficial in improving your hair growth. Believe it or not, hair growth can plateau because of damaged ends. Once you cut away your ends, it will allow your hair to keep getting longer. Think of it like taking one step backward to move three steps forward. By continuing this method, your result will be stronger, longer, radiant hair. 


With every month coming and going, add a trip to your hairstylist once in awhile. A Simple trim every three months can keep your beautiful hair strong and healthy. Don’t just stop there! Add on shine and nourishment with NuMe’s White Truffle Shampoo, White Truffle Conditioner, and White Truffle Serum. There are many options in keeping your hair healthy, and we are here for you and your hair. 

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