The Best Video Hair Tutorial You'll See All Week: Tousled Curls With Stunning Rose Gold Styling Tools

June 20, 2017 3 min read

The Best Video Hair Tutorial You'll See All Week: Tousled Curls With Stunning Rose Gold Styling Tools


Marianna Hewitt shows us her textured curly hair tutorial using NuMe's Rose Gold Collection styling tools.

Adorn your styling station with the timeless beauty of gold. We're so excited to share our new limited-edition Rose Gold Collection. Crafted with advanced titanium in a couture-inspired, trendy design, these styling tools are perfect for anyone who wants to go for the gold.

1. NuMe Precious Metals Curling Wand for Opulent Curls

The NuMe Precious Metals Curling Wand gives each curl uniform heat without damaging hair. A pure titanium barrel results in bouncier curls and silkier waves that won’t lose their shape.

  • Available in 19mm, 25mm, and 32mm sizes, the stunning rose gold design will make these curling wands the most exquisite additions to your styling tool collection.
  • For the ultimate in curl definition and styles that last, nothing beats 100% titanium. Titanium heats quickly and results in incredibly long-lasting curls.
  • What’s the benefit of titanium? Heating hair can cause damage, but titanium has a very high ionic output. This means negative ions eliminate the positive charge in your hair, resulting in healthy shine and beautiful curls.
  • How is pure titanium better? The Precious Metals Curling Wand is crafted with a barrel that isn’t coated, glazed or infused, but made of pure titanium that heats evenly from base to tip.

2. Precious Metals Straightener for Sleek Styles

The NuMe Precious Metals Straightener makes hair instantly shinier, infusing strands with negative ions that condition hair and leave manes beautiful for days.

  • Elegant rose gold plates and embellishments add sophistication and flair to this chic design.
  • Our plates are 100% titanium, not titanium coated, which means they’ll never lose their luster and every pass will leave hair shiny and silky.
  • Floating plate technology lets hair glide through like silk, with zero tugging and no breakage.
  • Thanks to the Precious Metals Straightener’s beveled lips, curls and waves are easy!

3. NuMe Stealth Hair Dryer for Bombshell Volume

The NuMe Stealth Hair Dryer takes blowouts to a whole new level with an infrared heat strip and brushless motor technology. This means faster drying, less heat damage, and silkier, healthier hair.

  • Trendy rose gold accents will make this dryer the centerpiece of any vanity or styling station.
  • Instead of carbon, the NuMe Stealth Hair Dryer uses magnets and electronics to pack huge amounts of power in its lightweight design.
  • Infrared conditioning heat strip is beamed directly out of the Stealth Dryer’s barrel, delivering even heat that won’t singe hair.
  • The ceramic grill activates negative ions that flow through strands and condition hair - eliminating frizz and flyaways.

4. New in Hair Care!

Explore our entire line of NuMe Hair Care essentials. From hair masks and serums to blowout creams and finishing spray, your hair will be pampered from root to tip.


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The Beauty of Rose Gold for the Hair You Treasure

Posh, luxurious and designed with hair health in mind, the Rose Gold Collection from NuMe is the ultimate choice for gorgeous styling results.

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