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Mom's Guide to the Perfect Blowout (Part I)

June 21, 2018 3 min read

Mom's Guide to the Perfect Blowout (Part I)

Caption: Kris Mejia of Mom Jeans & Mimosas shows off her NuMe busy mom blowout ‘do.

The Secret to a Busy Mom Blowout

Moms know better than anyone how valuable every moment is, especially when it comes to time spent at your styling station. You may scoff, what styling station? When you have too much to do and a little one clinging onto your yoga pants, hair care can seem like an Olympic sport. But there’s a secret to getting through a busy mom blowout, and Kris Mejia from Mom Jeans & Mimosas shows you how to achieve yours with the help of a well-planned strategy and the ionic NuMe Technique Hair Dryer.

Step One: Wrap Up for a Frizz-Free ‘Do

Pop in and out of the shower. Add your NuMe Rise and Prime Hair Primer and NuMe Blah to Bouncy Blow Dry Cream to make sure that your blowout scores some extra staying power to push through day two. Place the NuMe Microfiber Hair Wrap on your hair and run around for a bit and do some chores while your hair dries naturally. Microfiber hair wraps are amazing because the material soothes your hair’s cuticle in a way that helps you lock in moisture before your ionic blowout. We’ve mentioned this hair care hack in a few of our blowout blogs because it works much better than any towel you would pull out of your linen closet. Adding the blow dry cream gives your hair a boost of volume, so you look bouncy and gorgeous all damn day, just like the sassy momma you are.

Step Two: Spray On Your Favorite Thermal Heat Protectant

Spraying your hair with a thermal heat protectant isn’t a one-spray and done. Once you get the hang of this protecting spray that keeps the sunshine and environmental pollutants away from your hair, your heat styling tools are no match for it. NuMe Watch Me Werk Thermal Heat Protectant spray works best when spritzed thoroughly throughout the hair, acting as a barrier between your blowout sessions and heat styling, so you never dry out your hair.

Step Three: Section Your Hair

Before you start your blowout, sectioning your slightly damp hair is the best way to tackle all layers in less time. Trying to dry your hair without sectioning only makes it harder, so don’t do that to yourself but go for small sections and allow the ionic hair dryer to do the rest. Start from the bottom up!

Step Four: Begin Drying Your Hair With Your Ionic Hair Dryer

Ions. Ions. Ions. Yes. Ionic dryers are all the rage these days because they actually make the process of drying your hair much easier by reducing the time it takes to dry and how long your blowouts last. Ionic hair dryers break up water molecules in an even fashion so they hydrate the hair and you can dry evenly without burning your strands. Our ionic round brush with color changing ceramic barrel will tell you when each section is dry. Don’t forget to use our cool shot button to seal your ends; contrary to what everyone thinks, it’s best to apply cool air when you’re almost done to lock in moisture and reduce frizz. Also, how much heat you apply to your hair will depend on your hair type. Thicker-haired ladies and gents need a higher setting than someone with thin and dehydrated tresses. Utilize your speed and heat settings; not every hair dryer comes with these so make sure you pick up one that does and ours do!

Step Five: Lock In Your Blowout and Head Out

The cool shot button is your best friend on NuMe ionic hair dryers, so after you’ve dried your hair as needed, you’ll need to add a serum to lock in your blowout. Serums allow your hair to hold just the right amount of moisture needed to be sure you’re frizz-free all day long. Blowout routines that complete each step before the final serum set, using NuMe Argan Oil or Gloss Boss Serum, can expect a blowout that lasts for a day or so afterward. Every busy momma gets the most out of her blowout in only five steps!

Our NuMe mommas can get the perfect blowout while they’re walking around the house getting things done. While blowouts may seem like the first step to completing your curly or straight styles for the day, when it’s done right a blowout can stand alone without heat styling. So when you’re on the go, the base of your hairstyles can get the job done. Finally, something that works as hard as you do from sunup to sundown.

For more blowout tips and tricks, follow us on IG @NuMeStyle or Facebook here. And as always, sign up for our newsletter for extra surprises all year long at

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