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Snooze But Don't Lose | Lazy Girl Hairstyle Hacks That Will Change Your Mornings

February 28, 2020 | Posted by NuMe Team
Snooze But Don't Lose | Lazy Girl Hairstyle Hacks That Will Change Your Mornings

Your alarm goes off, and you just hit snooze for the third time. You are not ready for the day to begin, especially not prepared to redefine your hair! It’s normal to have these kinds of days -- there is no shame in it. Sometimes keeping it effortless can still keep you looking fabulous. Bad hair days will be a thing of the past. 


Effortless Braid In A Bun? Yes Please! 

Effortless Braided Bun

A quick and straightforward look for a sleepy morning is a braid in a bun. Stock up on bobby pins and hair ties because they will be your new best duo. First, secure your hair in a high ponytail then separate your hair into two thick sections. Create a braid in each section and secure each end with invisible or thin elastics. After, wrap the braids around the base of your ponytail and secure loose parts with pins. That’s it! You are ready to shine throughout the day. 


Quick tip: You can add NuMe’s White Truffle Serum for extra shine! It will also help revitalize your hair when taking a day off from heating tools. 


The Chic and Easy Half Ponytail

 Chic Half Ponytail

Nothing says put together like a slicked back half ponytail! This look is not only super chic but super easy to achieve. For this look, grab some bobby pins, a hair tie, a round brush, and your trusty hairdryer (we suggest the Signature Hair Dryer)! First, give yourself a quick blowout and use the round brush to create a slight inward bend at the bottom of your hair. This quick extra step adds some sass and class to this effortless look. Then, secure half of your hair high in the back of your head with a hair tie. For a more seamless look, grab a small section of hair from your ponytail, wrap it over the hair tie, and secure with pins. This look is perfect if you’re going for a more polished look with minimal effort. 


Messy Hair Bun With Style

Cute Messy Bun with Scrunchie 

The go-to lazy hairstyle will always be a “messy bun”. We’ve all loved and tried it, but let’s change it up this time! The easiest way to elevate this look is to incorporate accessories such as hair scarves, scrunchies, and clips. The secret to this style is to not think about it too much, just put in up, add a statement clip, and you’re good to go! And just like that, you’ll be on your way with little or no effort. It’s trendy and cute, also don’t worry about flyaways; it only adds to the lived-in and carefree vibe of this style. 


The Classic Side Braid

 Classic Side Braid

Braids are always an easy way to look amazing on a lazy day. Pull your hair to the side and start twisting sections of hair together to create a classic braid. It only takes about a minute to create but leaves you with styled locks.


The struggle is always real when you have to decide between spending more time on your beauty routine, extra time to sleep, or a quick coffee run. We get it -- we all wish to have flawless hair with minimal effort. But with these styles, you have no excuse to have bad hair days, all it takes is a little bit of practice! 


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