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The Best Beauty Influencers to Look out for the Next Year

February 20, 2019 | Posted by NuMe Team
The Best Beauty Influencers to Look out for the Next Year

We've rounded up the top 5 beauty influencers picks who have provided us with endless tips & tricks that have inspired us to try 'em out ourselves. These OG's in the beauty world have mastered the perfect smokey eye and have rocked some gorgeous 'dos. Feel free to check out their fun makeup looks and fabulous hairstyles that you can definitely try out for yourself!

Carli Bybel (@carlibel)


Known for her long, luscious locks, and her perfect pouty lips, Carli Bybel has made her name well known in the beauty world. Already accumulating 5 million followers on Instagram, along with 6 million subscribers on YouTube, her following is only going up from here. She worked with NuMe and released an easy-to-follow hair tutorial to create glamorous waves with using our Signature Dryer and Lustrum Set! Carli has also worked with a popular makeup brand and launched her first eyeshadow palette filled with dreamy earthy tones and shimmery highlighters. She then came out with a revamped version of her palette filled with even more wearable, nude shadows for everyday use, and even buttery highlighters. She's collaborated with the clothing brand, Missguided, as her followers adore her effortless style. Give this girl a follow, and see what the hype's all about.

Patrickstarrr (@patrickstarrr)


Patrickstarrr is one of the most followed males in the beauty industry. With a whopping 4.7 million followers on Instagram and 4.2 million subscribers, people are drawn to his hilarious persona and impressive smokey eye. He started his makeup career at MAC, developing a love for makeup when he was in high school. Patrick turned to YouTube when he felt like his job at MAC was stifling him. His first video was a daily makeup glam. Even though there was no Final Cut Pro involved, and the footage was blurry, he wasn't giving up just yet. Patrick is also known for his fabulous wigs that takes his looks to the next level. His latest Valentine's Day tutorial demonstrated effortless curls with his short blonde wig using our Classic Wand, and may we say, he absolutely owned it!

Christen Dominique (@christendominique)


Christen Dominique is known for her killer contour and amazing style. Having 4.1 million subscribers on YouTube and 1.7 followers on Instagram, she's no new name in the beauty world. She even has her own makeup line, Dominique Cosmetics, which is a line of cruelty-free, matte lip creams, which we love. The first video she put on YouTube is dated 9 years back and is about how to get fuller looking lips. She's followed her passion and created a line of her own to give you the fullest looking pout possible. Need some quick inspo for a new eyeshadow look to try? Visit her insta for a ton of 1-minute clips of looks she created. Her signature short hair has been an inspo for all of her fans looking to style their short mane. Christen recently showed off her go-to short hairstyle with a hair tutorial using our Octowand! Christen didn't always have a glamorous job like she does today; she said she had her fair share of mundane jobs before her friends encouraged her to make her start in the beauty world.

Karen Sarahi Gonzalez (@iluvsarahii)


Karen is stunning. A true beauty blogger, her feed will leave you with a wanderlust feeling that will make you want to travel, get a new wardrobe, live your best life, and learn how to create a killer cut crease. She has 4.3 million followers on Instagram and about 900K on YouTube. She's collaborated with multiple brands including ColourPop and Dose of Colors. She's also used the NuMe Classic Wand to achieve effortless waves in a simple tutorial that's the perfect hair inspo for your night out. Karen has created everything from shimmery eye shadow palettes to buttery lip liners. She even posts workout videos on her Instagram that will inspire you to stay healthy and get fit. Karen has definitely established her loyal followers not only in the beauty world but also health and lifestyle.

Shannon Harris (@Shaaanxo)


Shannon is another beauty blogger filled with beauty tips and inspiration that will make you want to hop on Sephora the second her video ends. This New Zealander is known for her daring eyeshadow looks and effortlessly blending techniques. She's totaled 3.2 million subscribers on YouTube and 1.5 followers on Instagram. She always stays up to date with the latest beauty challenges and looks to keep her channel fresh and exciting. Shannon has also shown off her glam waves with her beautiful pastel pink hair in a tutorial using our Octowand! Her channel is also filled with drugstore looks, so if you're looking to save a few bucks, stop here first!


Well, there you have it! If you end up rocking any of these influencer's 'dos, feel free to tag us @NuMeHair! We'd love to see the looks you end up creating. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter at NuMehair.com for hair tips and exclusive offers, too!


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