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Mascarilla de turmalina

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Treat Your Hair to the Deep Conditioning It Deserves 

Introducing a deeply hydrating and restorative hair mask that repairs and balances your hair texture! Featuring tourmaline powder and other vitamin-packed ingredients, NuMe's vegan and paraben-free mask works double time to smooth the cuticle and improve elasticity for frizz-free hair. The paraben-free formula is suitable for all hair types, especially if you have dry, frizzy, brittle hair or flyaways. This mask works best when paired with the NuMe Tourmaline Shampoo. 

The special tourmaline powder is extracted from a unique gem and helps to seal moisture into your hair and counteract frizz. It aids in the hydration process by emitting negative ions that counteract the positive ions in dry or damaged hair.

Ingredients for Maximum Hydration

Argan Oil

Rich in fatty acids and Vitamin E to help smooth frizz and split ends and create softness.

Citric Acid

Closes hair follicles to make hair soft and shiny

Tourmaline Powder

smoothes, hydrates, and creates shiny hair

Cetrimonium chloride

Conditions, reduces frizz, and detangles.

Parkii butter

Nourishes and conditions

Stearamidopropyl dimethylamine

An antistatic agent that helps reduce frizz and add volume. It also assists with conditioning.


A water based silicon ingredient that creates a barrier wherever it's applied to prevent water loss. Adds moisture, softness, shine, reduces frizz, and protects the hair from external damage.

Cetearyl Alcohol

Extreacted from coconut and considered safe and non-toxic for use on skin and hair, this hydrating ingredient provides your strands with the slip it needs to avoid tangles. Unlike other types of alcohol, it’s non-drying and not considered an irritant.


An alcohol native from green tea, it's used as the substitute for paraben, because it has the same properties but does not harm the health of hair or skin and it is completely natural, vegan, and even has antimicrobial properties.

Why Tourmaline?

Tourmaline is a gemstone found in several eye-catching colors (although we are especially fond of the energizing green variations) but it's the gemstone's unique ability to produce negative ions that has popularized its use in luxury skincare products across South Korea and Japan. Tourmaline's negative ions have the power to penetrate deep within our skin and hair making it a powerful delivery system for other ingredients like; proteins, amino acids, collagen, essential oils, you name it! Tourmaline is incredibly efficient at maximizing the benefits of whatever product it's added to, and NuMe has discovered that hair care is no different.

While tourmaline in beauty products isn't new, NuMe's application of the gemstone in hair care certainly is!

Tips for Maximum Results