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Mane Repair: On the Mend With Fall Hair Care

junio 21, 2018 6 lectura mínima

Mane Repair: On the Mend With Fall Hair Care

Seasons Change and So Should Your Hair Care Routine

Fall just dropped on September 22nd, and there are a few of you out there jumping for joy, dusting off your pointy black witch hats and setting about your pumpkin carving blueprints. As you prepare your All Hallows’ Eve decor, ask yourself when the last time you prepared your hair for fall was? Restorative hair care is a right of passage and signifies your ascent into adulting.  Just like your skin can dry out and become weathered, so can your strands. Changing up your hair care routine should come hand in hand with your skin care upgrade as the weather gets cooler and loses moisture.

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As soon as you realize that planning ahead is an important fact of maintaining luscious hair throughout the year, your seasonal transitions will come and go without any freakout moments. You’ll feel just like Cinderella every fall after all the heat styling, chlorine-soaked pool visits and your summer mermaid hair colors have faded.

Trick or Treat? Moisture Recovery, Strengthening, Smoothing and Scalp Love

It’s not just about making sure your hair looks great in princess curls, it’s what’s at the base of healthy hair before all of that styling that you’ll want to pay attention. The result of lustrous and strong hair, that is the envy of the town, begins with witchy hair secrets that respond directly to the changing weather all around you.

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16 Restorative Fall Hair Care Tricks to Live By

1. It’s In Your Blood!

Do you know what your iron levels are? Do you have enough vitamins floating around in your system? Most people don’t, so you’re not alone. However, this little insider’s look at your blood by your doctor can help you understand what hair care formulas are best for your hair situation.

2. Watch Your Diet

We don’t mean weight management here, although eating healthy can help you achieve your goals, healthy eating to play up to stronger, shinier and tame hair. After your blood test, you’ll know what you need to add to your diet. Things like protein to support improved hair growth, vitamin E and iron for strength. Your skin and hair will glow with these ingredients that support cellular regeneration. Add in some omega-7s, vitamin B like biotin and vitamin C, which promotes collagen renewal.

3. Get Your Scalp Analyzed by a Pro

Did you know that you could get your hair analyzed by a professional? In fact, your dermatologist is the perfect person to ask about this since they’re the skin experts. Checking on the status of your hair and scalp is the best way to move forward and see results without trial and error.

4. Skip Your Daily Wash

You’re no longer Sweaty Betty since the summer is cooling off and heading into a drier climate. The air holds less water and your locks will need a boost in moisture from your hair care regimen. In humid climates, we have to seal the hair to make sure that excess water doesn’t adhere to your locks and cause frizz. Instead of washing on the daily, sometimes twice a day, go with your NuMe Dirty to Flirty Dry Shampoo Aerosol or let the hair sit for an extra day so you can retain moisture.

5. Pre-Wash Is a Thing

Before you wash your hair, pro stylists everywhere suggest that you pre-wash just before. Pre-washing your hair is done before you actually turn on the water; since it’s a dry wash, the ingredients are allowed to clean the hair before water interferes. We’re digging this pre-wash treatment by R+Co called Palm Springs.

6. Clarify Your Life

Clarifying shampoos are the talk of the town, and that’s because they strip the hair of all that built up product juju you spray on each day to hold up those cute styles. What happens to your scalp and hair when you overuse product for events (like all the lovely models featured in this last month’s NYFW) is that you get product build up at the roots of your strands; the scalp can become inflamed and irritated which can then contribute to hair loss over time. when your mane and scalp need a break, try something like a refreshing dandruff shampoo or a dry oil to help you push the reset button.

7. Trim Your Tresses

As a result of over styling, brushing the hair when wet and forgetting your heat protectant spray, split ends travel up the hair follicle so be sure you trim frequently. Our CEO, Sabrina Maren, gets her hair trimmed every six to eight weeks to make sure that she avoids split ends.

8. Deep Condition Once or Twice a Week

Without moisture in the air and cooling temperatures, you need to deep condition a couple of times a week instead of the traditional once a week. Try NuMe Mane Goals Deep Conditioning Hair Mask to get started. This step will save your hair from extra heat vulnerability during styling and sun exposure.

9. Color Your Hair (With a Gentle Color--Semi Permanent is Best)

When the sun comes into contact with your hair it will change color, natural or no. To even out your natural highlights for a toned color, think about an easy semi permanent color. Fall is a perfect season for this color change since everything is muted in fall.

10. Turn Down the Heat in the Shower

Your stylist will always recommend that you turn down the heat in your shower, especially when conditioning to avoid drying out your hair. High heat cancels out your deep conditioning by stripping your strands of moisture.

11. Don’t Towel Dry Your Hair

Terry cloth may be a friend to your body, but it’s terrible for your hair. The best stylists never use towels on their clients’ hair, but instead use old t-shirts and microfiber cloths to set the hair before drying. These options keep the hair’s cuticle down and ready for your best hair day. Our favorite accessory is the NuMe Microfiber Hair Wrap.

12. Keep That Brush Away From Your Wet Hair!

When wet, your hair is like a newborn baby--delicate and temperamental. So never brush your hair when it’s wet. Wait until you hair has air dried or been wrapped in a microfiber hair wrap, and then you can brush it. Brushing the hair or detangling when it’s wet will only stress your strands since they’re less likely to stretch easily, causing breakage and post-dry frizz. Afterward, protect your hair with a heat protectant and NuMe Argan Oil at the ends.

13. Sleep on a Satin Pillowcase

With all the fluffing and towel drying, your hair is going through it and back. If you’re using a microfiber hair wrap then you’re on the right track. A silk or satin pillowcase is the next step to smoother hair since it reduces friction as you sleep.

14. Say Bye, Bye to Hair Accessories

During the summer months, we know that it’s hot and you need to pull your hair up with all that sweating. But these updos need to take a seat and let your hair flow freely without tension. Added stress on the scalp as your hair is pulled into high ponytails with mischievous elastic bands and clips can cause thinning of the hair, not to mention breakage. So let loose!

15. Use an Ionic Hair Dryer

Ionic hair dryers are magical, cutting down drying time and shielding your hair. Your perfect blowout starts with an ionic hair dryer for smoother, healthier and ruly strands. If you want to know more about ionic hair dryers, head over to our post about the magic of an ionic hair dryer and how to maximize your blowout.

16. Exfoliate Your Scalp

So there’s a recommended pre-wash routine you can do a few times a week as mentioned above, but there’s also a way to exfoliate away dead skin cells and excess oils that build up over time in a more intense way than dry shampoo. You can make these solutions right at home if you’re not into spending tons of cash. Celeb stylists use nourishing scalp scrubs that contain natural ingredients such as honey, vanilla, ground almonds and an essential oil combination. Or you can try this readymade micro-exfoliating scrub with apricot seeds from L’Oreal.

Welcome fall with a revitalizing hair care shopping day and get into the season with a skip in your step. Your fall styles never looked so good!

To try some more of our hair treats, visit our website at or on Instagram for our video tutorial fridays @NuMeStyle.

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