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Winter Is Coming: The Ice Blonde Hair Takeover

December 11, 2018 | Posted by NuMe Team
Winter Is Coming: The Ice Blonde Hair Takeover

Preparing for The Cold


Source: Instagram.com

When it comes to whiting out, one shade does not fit all. It seems like the best approach to this look really depends on the person and their natural coloring and individual style. So do your research. Is the hue you're digging more butter than whipped cream? Are you channeling Gwen Stefani circa 1995 or Kylie Jenner circa 2018? There is definitely a spectrum of super blonde—hair that's so white it's almost lavender might work for Kim K at Fashion Week but not someone's office job on a Tuesday.

Also, make sure you lock down a stylist in your area that really knows their blonde techniques. Send them pictures of your current hair and also send images of the level of platinum you're going for. If they're legit, they can help you choose a color that's right for your skin tone.


Taking The Icy Plunge


Source: People.com

Unlike Ariana Grande, you don't have to wait until you have a new song coming out to go for the gold platinum. Whether your plan is to tame dragons or wow at a runway show, prepare for a long visit to the salon if you want ice blonde white done right. Recent platinum blonde convert Hilary Duff even mentioned the patience involved in achieving the right hue on her Insta post revealing the new look.

It might require multiple visits over the course of a week to get the initial look. We spoke to Pasadena, California based hairstylist, Maggie Manley, who says, "The hair has to be lifted to the lightest blonde (white) to achieve the icy tone and not everyone's hair can get there in one session."

Slow and steady wins the ultra blonde race. Bleach is notorious for causing serious breakage. Take it from Katy Perry—who can pull off a pixie cut, even though it wasn't exactly intentional—you don't want to do too much too soon.


Maintaining Your Chill


Source: Instagram.com

Not unlike a newborn baby, you gotta do some tending to keep this hair alive and well. Chris Appleton, the stylist behind Kim Kardashian's platinum transformation, told Elle Australia, "Platinum blonde is the ultimate look, it's a bit like going to the gym, you can't just go once. If you want some results, you have to keep going."

According to Gwen Stefani's colorist, who spoke to behindthechair.com, deep conditioning the hair regularly is also a must because so many of the products necessary to keep the blonde glow can dry it out. Our Mane Goals Deep Repair Mask is a great weekly treatment to lock that moisture in and revitalize your ends. Manley agrees. "The most important thing is the hair staying healthy. If it's not healthy, it's not pretty!"

Appleton reiterates, "Turn the temperature down on your heated styling tools because the hair is sensitized it doesn't need such a high heat anymore, and make sure you are using heat protectants." So if you're thinking of lightening up, make sure to grab a product like the Watch Me Werk Thermal Protectant to have on hand.

Sometimes water can have an effect. Manley adds, "The icy tone doesn't always last due to hard water. So maintenance is high with this color, so clear expectations with clients are important!"

No matter what products you're using at home, as previously mentioned, brace yourself for fairly regular touch-ups with your stylist if you want to keep that white looking as frosty as a fresh blanket of snow.


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