NuMe Paddle Brush

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Perfect for any hair thickness, wet or dry hair, the NuMe paddle brush is durable and effective. Micro beaded tips glide smoothly over the scalp, which feels tender to hair and scalp, and cushioned padding adjusts to the shape of the head for a gentle pass each time. Great for a comfortable hair styling experience.

Antimicrobial agents destroy harmful bacteria, preserving hair health and creating an opportunity for hair growth.

MULTIPLE USES: Wet/dry paddle brush can be used for rapid blow-styling, gentle styling, straightening, detangling wet & dry hair, and smooth finish. 

RAPID BLOW-DRYING: Large surface area of the hairbrush paddle with evenly spaced bristles helps separate hair for faster drying.


How to use a Paddle Brush to achieve a salon-worthy blowout at home

Prep your hair by washing it with the NuMe Vegan Tourmaline Shampoo and Conditioner designed to offer sleekness. 

Rough-dry hair on a medium setting using the NuMe Signature Dryer.

Before using your wet/dry hair brush, first, use your fingers to rough-dry hair for around five minutes by wiggling your blowdryer nozzle around hair until strands are damp. Using a heat protector, like the NuMe Watch me WerkThermal Heat Protectantis a great way to protect your hair from the heat while adding a lightweight hold to your strands

Start using your paddle brush, brushing hair towards the face and over the hairline. Yes, it will fall over your forehead. However, it will help to create a sleek, side-swept finish. Continue doing this until the first half of your entire head is completely dry.

Working one section at a time on hair that’s been rough-dried, run the wet/dry paddle brush on the underside of hair while focusing airflow on the top. Do so in a gentle, tugging, downward motion to help seal down the hair strand. Put extra focus on the ends, leaving them to completely run through the bristles for a straight look. If you want more of a bend at the ends, tilt the brush head towards you so the hair gets a slight curl as you are passing it through the airflow. 

To dry the back, use your wet/dry hair brush to dry hair upwards and outwards, creating a slight bump at your crown. Alternatively, you can also simply split the back section in half, incorporating these into the side sections as well. 

Finish with the NuMe Sleeky in a bottle anti-frizz serum giving hair a sleek, smooth finish