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From the City of Angels to the Big Apple: Popular Hair Trends from These Notable Cities of America

septiembre 09, 2019 4 lectura mínima

From the City of Angels to the Big Apple: Popular Hair Trends from These Notable Cities of America

While we now live in a world where everyone, everywhere has access to the latest trends, cuts, and styles, the frontrunners still tend to vary depending on who you ask, and where you're asking. We explored a few destination cities in the U.S. to discover the styles and haircuts currently trending on the heads that call these hot spots home. 

Los Angeles, CA: Red Hair

Red Hair

Does red hair ever really go out of style? It seems like women have been trying to capture that elusive shade of perfect copper in salons for forever. But this yearLos Angeles celebrity stylists have seen even more of a demand for natural-looking ginger strands. If you color your hair, it’s essential to keep it hydrated on the regular. OurMane Goals Deep Repair Hair Mask can be used a few times a week to boost moisture, and help enhance shine while maintaining color.


Seattle, WA: Baby Bangs

Baby Bangs

Work your way up the west coast, and you’ll find a dose of grunge-era realness in the form of choppy, baby or micro bangs. Seattle natives seem to be digging this cut, as evidenced by how many baby bangs you’ll see when you take a glance at the search results for the hashtag #seattlehairstyles on Instagram. Some make the look even more edgy with an undercut. Style bangs to your liking then achieve just the right amount of hold and plenty of shine with ourHottie Alert Shine Spray.


Las Vegas, NV: Artful Ponytails

High Ponytail

Braided, faded, or elevated, the ponytail seems to be astaple of the Vegas scene. Perhaps the high levels of heat and gambling warrant a style that’s always pulled away from the face (better concentration) and off the neck (DIY cooling technique)? The ponies have some flare though, whether it’s a lot of texture or a metallic cuff tail holder. If you’re looking to do a sleek ponytail, prepping hair with a smoothing serum like ourSleeky In A Bottle Serum is crucial. Then get strands slick as glass with a professional-grade heating tool like our award-winning Megastar Hair Straightener.


Austin, TX: Layered Lobs

Layered Lob

‘Lobs on lobs on lobs’ seems to be the mantra in the capital of Texas. Kari Leon-Guerrero, from Austin’s KaRu Salon, toldGlamour,"The lob is still going strong as one of our most requested haircuts because it's versatile and easy to maintain.” She added that Austin women usually opt for lob layers that best accentuate their unique face and head shape. It seems like lobs are here to stay since they're flattering on nearly everyone. Create modern, piecey waves for your lob with ourClassic Curling Wand using a 25mm barrel.


Chicago, IL: Blunt Bobs

Blunt Bob

According toSalon Envy in Chicago, a lot of gals are requesting the blunt bob cut in Chi-Town. It’s a cult classic (seems like the haircut continues to crop up decade after decade) and solves the question of “Should I get layers and if so, how many and how short?” Certainly, a concern we have all faced at some point in our hair journeys. The blunt bob is easy to style at home, whether it’s sleek or brimming with waves. If you want to add some texture to a wavy bob, try ourRoot Werk Root Lifter, which doubles as a texturizing spray on dry hair. And of course, the Root Werk results in more volume for any blunt bob style, when applied to wet roots before blow-drying.


Miami, FL: Accessorized Beach Waves

Accessorized Beach Waves

Old school accessories like scrunchies and ornate barrettes are back and giving us all life. So Miami style setters are rightfully adorning their beach waves with enthusiasm. Last summer, Miami babes rockedcurls and beach waves—looks that didn’t fight their natural texture. As for this year, their manes are showcasing bling with plenty ofcute accessories. Procure tight ringlets or beach waves with ourClassic Curling Wand Reverse, which ensures maximum volume and dimension.


New York, NY: Shaggy Cuts ‘n Curly Bangs

Shaggy Bangs

Maybe we’ve gotNatasha Lyonne’s character inRussian Doll or evenTaylor Swift to thank for this, but if you thought that your curly hair prevents you from cutting bangs, step right up because the times are a-changin’. Textured, fluffy bangs have beentrending in NYC. Shaggy mops are hitting the streets too. Keep bangs volumized and non-greasy-looking with ourThis Dry Shampoo is Everything Dry Shampoo Powder, which lets you apply with precision to your on-trend fringe. 


It’s inspiring and fun to see how women flaunt their manes in different parts of the country. We’ve got even more intel on hair trends and ‘dos on our Instagram,@NuMeHair.Sign up for our NuMe Rewards & Loyalty Program to earn points so that you'll be on your way to achieving gifts, products, tools, and even tickets to exclusive NuMe events! 


Looking for more hair inspo? Check it out here!


Author: Mary Patterson Broome

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