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Tratamiento de turmalina para suavizar el cabello en casa

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Key Ingredient

Tourmaline Powder

smooths, hydrates and leaves hair looking healthy.

Cocos Nucifera Oil

(coconut oil) prevents breakage.

Peach Kernel Oil

combats dryness and breakage. Gives hair loads of shine.

Chia Seed Oil & Omega-3 Fatty Acids

maintains moisture and prevents dehydration.

Vitamin E

smooths and softens hair.

Macadamia Oil

the antioxidant and vitamin that moisturizes and protects hair.


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This product is perfect for:

For dry hair

For oily hair

For curly or wavy hair

For fine hair

For colored or chemically-treated hair

For damaged hair

Frequently Asked Questions

We recommend using this at a 3 week interval. The more you utilize this treatment, your hair will build more of the smoothing memory.

Yes, you can use this 24 hours after a color treatment

Yes, this treatment is formaldehyde free so it is safe to use with bleach or lifted hair color.

The Megastar is made of pure tourmaline ceramic floating plates

Yes, this treatment is going to smooth the curls, fight frizz and flyaways.

Yes, we recommend waiting at least 3 weeks after your last treatment to use the NuMe Tourmaline Hair Smoothing Treatment

Yes, you can wash and we recommend using the NuMe Tourmaline Hair Mask to retain moisture and replenish your hair

It takes about 2 hours

Yes, this treatment will reduce frizz and flyaways. If you would like to maintain some curl/wave, omit step 5 and simply use a round brush with the blow dryer.

No, you MUST only rinse about 50-75% if the product. That means your hair should feel a little gritty and filmy.

We recommend using the entire NuMe Tourmaline Shampoo, Conditioner and Mask ( once a week)

The recommended temperature is up to 450 degrees. If you have fragile, color treated or bleached hair we suggest lowering the temperature from 350-375 degrees

We recommend exercising after the first wash which could be immediately after the treatment. While the treatment has not been washed, you don’t want to use a clip or rubber band for the hair.

We recommend avoiding the scalp completely. Leave about ½ an inch from the scalp while applying the treatment

Yes, this treatment is compatible with all hair types

Yes, this is an at home treatment with no professional experience necessary. Please refer to the directions for step by step instructions

This product can be used every 8-10 weeks to maintain results.

Use flat iron settings 352-375 degrees for bleached, chemically treated, colored or damaged hair. Use flatiron settings of 400-450 degrees for virgin hair.

Use between 2-4oz of solution per usage depending on hair length & thickness. Use the NuMe Tourmaline System to prolong results.

Safe for all hair types, including thick, curly, frizzy, and damaged hair.