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Acondicionador NuMe Acai

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Completa tu lavado con el acondicionador NuMe Acai nutritivo e hidratante. La baya de Acai está cargada de Omega 3,6, 9 y vitaminas B, C y E que hidratan y humectan el cabello. Protege el cabello delicado contra las toxinas agresivas y dile adiós a las puntas secas y sin brillo. Experimente un cabello más suave, brillante y saludable con el acondicionador Acai de NuMe.

After NuMe Acai Shampoo, apply Acai
Conditioner from mid to ends of hair

Let sit for 2 minutes

Rinse thoroughly.

Key Benefits


Acai berries contain vitamin A and E which can help protect against environmental damage to your hair. The acai creates a protective barrier for your hair to lessen its exposure to chemicals and toxins. This can help prevent premature hair loss from occurring

Hair Elasticity

They can also add elasticity to your hair and make it easier to brush. This way, your hair is less likely to split or become brittle. It also makes your hair easier to style and decreases frizz. No one likes spending time on their hair and having it ruined by humidity.

Seal Water

Acai berries can help seal water into your hair and keep your scalp conditioned. This is especially great for people who struggle with scalp itchiness or redness eczema or psoriasis. An irritated scalp can be a major pain. Acai can also make your hair appear shinier and softer.

Extracted Oil

The oil extracted from acai can also help strengthen your hair because of its zinc content and vitamins B1, 2, and 3. All of these ingredients contribute to nourishing hair follicles. This helps prevent your hair from thinning or becoming dull, making it great for curly, textured strands or hair that’s been chemically treated.

Hair Growth

Acai can also promote hair growth because of the proteins and healthy fats in the berries. The berries contain ingredients that promote blood circulation, which is essential for hair growth. Hair follicles need oxygen and proper nutrition to go through the growth cycle.

See The NuMe Acai Conditioner In Action

Packed with the power of Acai Berry, it transforms your hair from dry and dull to soft, shiny, and healthy. Say goodbye to lifeless hair and embrace a new era of hydration and vitality. Experience the difference with NuMe's Acai Conditioner – your hair will thank you for it!

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