NuMe Scalp Massage Brush

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Care For Your Hair and Scalp 

This scalp massage and stimulating brush promotes hair growth by stimulating blood flow to the scalp and oil glands, deep cleaning, and exfoliating the scalp. Feels relaxing, eases itchiness, and reduces stress. Waterproof. Perfect for various hairstyles from thick to thin, short or long, and no matter wet or dry, even to groom the hair of your pet.

  • RECOMMENDED SCALP MASSAGING BRUSH -  The NuMe scalp massage and stimulating brush not only removes dandruff, psoriasis, dead skin cells, and itchiness but also relieve stress, improve blood circulation, drain out toxins and increase oxygen produce to stimulate hair growth.
  • WITHOUT ANY DRAGGING OR SCRATCHING - This waterproof, exfoliator scalp brush is ultra-soft and does not pull and hurt the hair or scalp. Can be used in the shower or for dry scalp care anywhere. 
  • SIMPLE TO USE - Easy to hold onto for good and comfortable control. Gentle bristles effectively scrub the scalp without scratching, which are flexible enough to move through the hair without tangling or pulling.
  •  Works on anyone regardless of hair type; Great for thick, oily, curly, or wavy hair. pets will also enjoy this brush for bathing or hair removal. For hygiene reasons, we recommend that each family member have an exclusive one.