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Yes, dry shampoo is for women... and men too!

While shampoos and conditioners can get you through day one after a wash, a volumizing dry shampoo can carry you flawlessly into days two and three. Most people (yes, men too!) only think of dry shampoo as a way to reduce that ‘dirty’ look, but what if your dry shampoo could do much more than that? The truth is, it can. We’ll share some tips, tricks and 4 ways to use volumizing dry shampoo so you can prolong the freshly-washed-hair look.

What is dry shampoo?

Dry shampoo is a combination of botanicals and natural powders that nourish the scalp and hair follicles, and it’s a quick-fix solution to reduce your need for a second-day wash.

While dry shampoo isn’t a substitute for washing your hair--and shouldn’t be used more than once or twice per week--it is an excellent option for redistributing natural hair oils and product buildup. Did we shock you there when we said once a week?

Dry shampoo can be your saving grace for a few days each month, but we recommend that you wash your hair most days to maintain a healthy and balanced scalp.

Benefits of Dry Shampoo for All Hair Types

One of the first things that all of your friends are bound to notice is that some dry shampoos make your hair smell ah-mazing! Natural oils are secreted from the scalp to lubricate and draw out toxins absorbed by the skin and hair from the surrounding air, which can cause the hair to develop an odor. Once upon a time, there were such things as hair perfumes, but who needs that when you’ve got scented dry shampoo to conceal any odors from a night on the town.

You may have read about dry shampoo or heard your hair stylist talking about it at the salon, leaving you with the question: “Will that work for my hair?” We’ll explain the benefits of dry shampoo for every hair type and lift the proverbial beauty veil from your eyes so you can start using it (the right way) with confidence!

Dry Shampoo for Oily Hair

Oily hair often requires daily washing or a quick switcheroo to an updo to lessen the oily look. Also, adding additional hair product can make the situation much worse.

Using a volumizing dry shampoo can help people with oily hair (and those who happen to add more product than necessary) manage their style.

After spritzing or sprinkling, dry shampoo offers this magical result of drawing the oil that is collected on your scalp down through hair strands. So those with oily hair can minimize the issue and go to work without worrying about chunky, limp tendrils.

Dry Shampoo for Dry Hair

Where are the dry hair people? We hear you. Dry hair is a constant struggle for so many, and we all fall into the habit of over-conditioning our hair or finding that overuse of titanium styling tools can leave the hair feeling brittle and shine-free.

Dry shampoo is just the thing for those in-between days when you need to add a little luster back into your life. Just as oily-haired ladies and gents deal with the oily-scalp conundrum, you too can benefit from drawing oil from the scalp down through your strands. As the oil is distributed evenly through the length of your hair, your dry stalks will benefit from the added moisture.

Dry Shampoo for Thick or Fine Hair

The thickness of your hair matters and will determine how often you wash and style. Hair behavior as paired with hair care is predictable when you know if your hair is thick or fine.

Those with fine hair will often find their hair is oily after the second day and will want to wash as often as possible. While you may have fine hair that tends to look limp, volumizing dry shampoo can add body to your look without weighing it down.

Guys and gals with thick hair may find they have drier hair than most, so letting your second-day styles live another day isn’t so bad for your hair since you preserve moisture. If you have thick hair, you’re probably wondering about product buildup and whether or not dry shampoo will show in your roots. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered (see tips on how to apply dry shampoo at the end of this blog).

So play with your hair; feel it, hold it and love it. When you can predict what your hair will feel like on day two, you’ll know what to do. Dry shampoo can get you through it, but you’ll need to plan ahead and make sure to wash too.

4 Ways to Use Dry Shampoo:

  1. Preserve a Hairstyle: For those of you looking to prolong your salon-styled looks, spritz or sprinkle dry shampoo for a refreshed look that resembles day-one hair.
    Add Volume: For those who need to boost thin hair, teasing can help, but volumizing dry shampoo can add depth to your look, possibly making hair look even better than usual.
  2. Replacement for Your Daily Wash: Those extra few minutes in bed can make all the difference in your day. To get the most out of your beauty sleep, try dry shampoo spray or powder to smooth, hydrate and freshen your hair sans water and liquid shampoo.
  3. For Hair Growth: While you may have read articles in 2016 that recommend against the use of dry shampoo for scalp health, many scalp and hair health experts have said the use of dry shampoo varies from person to person and is beneficial when used properly. Dry shampoo is not a daily-use hair care product, but a supplement for those days when you’re pressed for time. Using dry shampoo once or twice a week can help clarify your scalp and hair follicles, adding antioxidants that remove harmful pollutants and buildup from your roots.
  4. Dry shampoo sprays and powders (talc-free) are a secondary support for a healthy scalp mid-week. A healthy scalp means healthy and unobstructed hair growth. When your scalp feels fresh and stimulated, proteins that form hair follicles will grow freely.

Types of Volumizing Dry Shampoo

There are two types of dry shampoo: dry shampoo powder and dry shampoo spray or aerosol. Whether you prefer the powdered version or the spray, both types can provide the same results when applied as directed. Here are a couple of dry shampoo options from NuMe in powder and aerosol form:

Both of these dry shampoos are made with rice starch, rosemary leaf extract, algae extract and pomegranate seed extract. The rice starch will distribute oil evenly through the hair, while algae and rosemary leaf extracts soothe sensitive skin and hydrate strands. We’ve added pomegranate seed extract as a powerful antioxidant to clarify the hair and reduce the effects of pollution--think free-radicals. Zinc nourishes dry, flaking scalps. These formulas are talc-free!

Tips On How to Apply Dry Shampoo

  • Spray dry shampoo onto sections of the hair eight to 10 inches away from the scalp and lightly massage into roots with fingers. To work through hair faster, blow dry for instant volume.
  • Sprinkle dry shampoo into sectioned hair at the crown and massage with fingers to work through from roots down.

Follow these tips and your dry shampoo will make every day a good hair day.

Wait…what was that about talc?

Oh, you noticed that? Let’s talk about powdered dry shampoo, which in the past hasn’t been the top choice for most people since the Johnson & Johnson debacle where talc was named as a possible ingredient to increase the risk of cancer.  Why, you ask? Most dry shampoos once contained talcum powder, which is known to cause inflammation of the scalp and buildup within hair follicles which reduces hair growth. You may have thought it was just powdered dry shampoo, but it was all types and some companies still use it as the active ingredient. Say what? Read your labels, people! Thankfully, NuMe has not only one, but four dry shampoos to choose from -- all 100 percent talc-free!

Now that you know all there is to know about dry shampoo and how to get the most out of each application, it’s time to schedule your weekly snooze. Skip the shower and still improve hair health with volumizing dry shampoo. Still have questions? Check us out on Instagram @NuMeStyle or at NuMehair.com.

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