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reNude Micronized HA cream

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Game-changing skincare
reNude's proprietary Deep Skin Technology goes straight to the source— treating the root cause of skincare issues, not just the symptoms. Crafted with years of innovative research and development, a first-of-its-kind delivery system penetrates beyond the surface layer to deliver micronized hyaluronic acid molecules to the deep layers of the skin. 

What is Hyaluronic Acid (HA) and Why is it Vital for Healthy, Youthful Looking Skin? This type of molecule, composed partly of sugars, is naturally produced in our body and skin (in its deeper layer). It is there that it plays a vital role as follows: • Intensely attracts hydration -more than 1,000 times its weight in water!! for well hydrated, elastic, and “plumped-up” looking skin. • Improves and supports the skin’s firmness and elasticity levels. • Protects the skin against free radical damages

What is the Challenge Regarding Regular HA Molecules that Cosmetic Companies Worldwide Face Today? HA molecules: • Are too big to effectively penetrate the deeper layers of the skin for optimal therapeutic results. • Can be introduced to the skin via injections only

What is reNude’s Innovative and Exclusive Solution? reNude line of products that offers unique benefits and advantages: • Can treat the skin both superficially and in deeper layers. • Intensified water absorption capabilities for optimally hydrated skin from within. • Enhanced antioxidant capabilities to fight free radicals. • A much more facilitated, optimal penetration deeper into the skin. • Long lasting and cumulative results to prevent and fight the signs of aging. • No side effects and no downtime periods. • An innovative and exclusive skincare technology. • Visible results on the skin right after the first application. • reNude treats the entire face in one single application at a small fraction of the cost of in-clinics alternatives.

How does reNude Effectively Address the Symptoms of Aging Skin? reNude is an affordable, non-Invasive, home care regimen with optimal penetration for long-lasting and cumulative results. It intensely hydrates the skin and offers these main characteristics:

1- Increased hydration levels: Ensures optimal water content balance by attracting water molecules and “inflating“ upon contact with them. The skin’s texture and overall complexion is healthy, smooth, well moisturized, and radiant. 
2- Improved firmness and elasticity levels: Maintains well-balanced moisture levels in upper and deeper skin layers, thereby supporting the healthy function of dermal infrastructural proteins meshwork (i.e., collagen and elastin fibers) for firmer and more resilient skin. 
3- Recovered symptoms of different skin concerns: Supports a speedy recovery and an accelerated healing process of dry, rough, photo-damaged, and extra sensitive skin as well as in cases of acne and rosacea. 
4- “Plumped-up” fine lines and wrinkles: Diminishes their depth and minimizes their reappearance by ensuring ongoing and long-lasting hydration that “plumps up” the skin for a fresher and more youthful-looking skin. 
5- Intensified effect of injection fillers: Supports the effect achieved by HA-based filler injections to wrinkles by • Minimizing the depth of wrinkles even further in the injected areas. • Ensuring that the ENTIRE FACE is fresh and youthful (not just the injected areas). • Guaranteeing a longer-lasting effect than injection fillers, if used on a regular basis. 
6- Strengthened skin’s external barrier: The activity of large HA molecules right on the surface of the skin, reinforces and supports the skin’s efforts to protect itself against external and internal aggressors. 
7- Improved antioxidant protection against free radical damages: • Serves as an inhibiting agent working against the formation of inflammatory processes within the skin that cause ongoing oxidative damage. • Inhibits the severity of the destructive stages within the skin during inflammatory reactions (collagen and elastin fibers degradation). • Helps diminish water loss at a cellular level that might negatively affect the skin’s healing processes.