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5 Important Summer Bag Essentials to Step-Up Your Beauty Game

mayo 30, 2019 4 lectura mínima

5 Important Summer Bag Essentials to Step-Up Your Beauty Game

It’s crucial to stay on top of your beauty regime and make sure you are always on point. Summer is right around the corner, and you don’t want to be left blind-sided with an empty summer bag that can save you from any beauty emergency. No matter if it’s a spontaneous road trip, or a fun day with your crew at the beach, make sure you stay prepared with all the essentials that’ll have you staying on point, and of course, selfie-ready.

Travel Sized Styling Tools

Jet Setter Pro Red

Your hair may be ready before you leave your home, but the most important question here is, will you have the backup ready-to-go for any hair-mergency? Don't you worry, because the NuMe Jet Setter Pro is here to save the day! It's difficult to carry around full-sized tools when you're on-the-go, so why not take all hot tool essentials, and make them mini. The Jet Setter Pro is a collection of 100 percent tourmaline ceramic, travel-size styling tools which includes a mini ionic hair dryer, mini hair straightener, mini curling wand with a cone barrel, and a heat-resistant styling glove, all in a convenient travel case. Never let weather or water ruin a perfectly good 'do again.


Healing Ointment


Summer is all about adventure, and those escapades may come along with some scrapes, bug bites, or rashes. Don't let any of that hold you back while you're making your summer one for the books! If you come along with some scratches along the road, the NuNu Natural Healing Ointment is 100% natural and highly effective with its natural ingredients and antibacterial properties to heal a wound with little to no scarring. Pro-tip: If you experience contact with the skin with your flat iron or curling wand, this miracle product will definitely come in handy. This USDA Certified Organic ointment stays away from petroleum-based ingredients and focuses in on using all-organic ingredients to soothe and heal your burn in no time. (Don't forget to use a styling glove and turning down the heat to minimize the possibility of any future burns.)


Eyeshadow Palette


A little pop of color, or a bold look, never hurt anybody! Sometimes when we're in a rush, we may not have time to give our look a little more pizazz with some tones that'll take us from a "cute" to a "WOW!" Whether you choose to rock subtle and soft makeup or a smokey eye that'll guarantee to turn some heads, it's essential for any beauty queen to have an on-the-go palette for any last minute plans that their summer day may take them. It's time for us to introduce you to the E.l.f. Mad For Matte Eyeshadow Palette. This product includes ten medium-toned, matte eyeshadow shades that'll take minimal space but achieve maximum glam. Make the most of this product by using the tone that best matches your hair color to fill in your scalp and make your hair look fuller! The best part is that this palette costs only $10! Beauty on a budget? We'll take it.


Colorful Scrunchies


The '80s are back, and better than ever. This summer is all about bright colors and neon lights, so why not add onto this theme with a colorful hair accessory that'll electrify your 'do while paying homage to a totally wicked decade. Whether you're going for a classic pony, or a half-up, half-down look, the Conair Scunci assorted set comes with five scrunchies that include a mix of different colors and patterns. This set is a must-have to take your look up a few notches for wherever your summer ventures end up taking you! Don't worry, we all end up losing a scrunchie or two when we're busy having so much fun, so at least you have backup ready for when a twisty decides to embark on its own journey someplace else.


Tinted Sunscreen


Stay forever young by making sure you incorporate sunscreen into your everyday skincare routine. Now that we don't have our parents rubbing globs of sunscreen all over our faces for us, it's time to finally be responsible ourselves and win the fight against strong UV rays. Sunscreen doesn't always have to make us look like lifeguards with white-sunscreen covered noses, but add some tint and color that best fits our complexion. The Sum Bum Mineral Sunscreen Face Tint is lightweight, and at SPF 30, protects while achieving a beautifully blended look with its tinted formula. Summer is meant for soft skin and a beautiful glow.


So there you have it, the ultimate summer bag essentials! For more hair inspo, follow us @NuMeHair on Instagram. Sign up for our NuMe Rewards & Loyalty Program to earn points so that you'll be on your way to achieving gifts, products, tools, and even tickets to exclusive NuMe events!


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