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The Ultimate Guide to Choose Which Type of Haircut Matches Your Face Shape

septiembre 03, 2019 3 lectura mínima 2 Comentarios

The Ultimate Guide to Choose Which Type of Haircut Matches Your Face Shape

While every woman is unique in her own way, most hairstylists recognize six traditional face shapes—long, square, round, diamond-shaped, heart-shaped, and oval. There are other factors to consider while determining the best cut for your shape that includes hair texture, overall style, and tolerance level for hair maintenance. 



Long Face Shape

Long faces can usually get away with a lot of cuts. However, a general rule of thumb here is, the longer your hair, the longer your face. So if you’d like to add a little more dimension, opt for shorter cuts. If you’re a go long or go home die-hard, then we’d suggest styles where you can createplenty of volume, and long layers. If you’re looking for a product to add volume, our will add some pep to your step and hair. If it works with your texture,bangs can be the perfect complement to long shapes, especially curtain fringes or Bardot bangs. 



Square Face Shape

Back away from the rounded layers, since the most flattering layers for square-shaped faces are soft, multi-length ones. If you’re going for bangs, aim for the side swept kind. Angled bobs with longer layers toward the front are workable for squares too. If your hair is naturally curly, curls and volume can help to round out more angular facial features. Choppy ends are a way to add texture to square gals with straighter strands. Add even more texture to choppy ends with a texturizing spray like our Root Werk Root Lifter.



Round Face Shape

To elongate a rounder face, going for lengthsbelow the chin is key. Mid-length layers are a solid option. Celebrity hairstylist Andy Lecompte toldAllure, “It's about angling layers out the right way—not boxing the face in. That'll make a round face look shorter.”If still want to do achin-length bob, try styling it with a deep side part.Is super short still your jam? Having some length on top of a pixie can be flattering for a round face. Just try skipping the heating tools and styling with your fingers to keep a natural shape. You can set it with a flexible hold hairspray like theNuMe Hottie Alert Shine Spray.



Diamond Face Shape

How do you know if your face shape is diamond? Amy Abramite, from Maxine Salon in Chicago, told Byrdie that you could identify a diamond face by “... a small pointed chin, wide cheekbones, and a hairline that peaks at the top center of a narrow forehead.” One of the diamond shaped beauties include Vanessa Hudgens. And speaking of shining bright like a diamond, some camps think Rihanna’s face is diamond while others say she’s square. The best cuts for these gems include textured lobs (or long-ish bobs), or shoulder-length cuts with side-swept bangs (if bangs work for your texture). Same goes for shorter cuts on diamonds: the side-swept bangs are your friend. 



Heart Shaped Face

According toSouthern Living, the heart shape“ characterized by being widest at the forehead and cheeks, having a strong jawline, and tapering off into a defined chin.” Your spirit animal is Jennifer Lawrence, one of the most famous of the heart-shaped faces. If you’re gunning for a short ‘do, the layered, side-swept pixie can look super cute on this face. Longer locks do best with a layered lob, which is universally flattering anyway. If you're rocking bangs, they are usually long and slightly textured. Tame longer bangs with a pro straightener like ourStyle Setter Hair Straightener, which has ⅞ inch pure titanium floating plates. This tool is great for smaller sections and hair that doesn’t want to stay smooth without putting up a fight.



Oval Face Shape

The oval-shaped face can usually pull off anumber of different cuts. You can focus on what works best for your hair’s natural texture because almost any style or cut will flatter that cute oval head of yours. For example, ovals can look adorable with a short blunt bob, or a long shag. You can rock a cut that lets you sport that California-esque, long, and parted-in-the-center style. If you are keeping it long, keep those strands looking healthy between cuts with ourNot Your Basic End Sealer.


We hope this guide will help with your next visit to the salon! For more hair inspo, definitely follow us on Instagram@NuMeHair.Sign up for our NuMe Rewards & Loyalty Program to earn points so that you'll be on your way to achieving gifts, products, tools, and even tickets to exclusive NuMe events! 


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Author: Mary Patterson Broome



2 Respuestas

Olivia Smart
Olivia Smart

mayo 12, 2022

Thank you for explaining that you can choose any cut that works with your hair’s natural texture with an oval face because almost any style will work. My friend was telling me that she is looking to try something new with her hair, but wants to make sure the cut will be perfect. I’ll be sure to mention this to her so that she can be confident that any cut should look wonderful on her face shape.


agosto 12, 2021

Ihave a shape face lie a round and oval shape.
If I do not have the right hair style .
Oeopkelook at me wierd. My daughter had the same shape as me.
When I see her hair style wrong, it looks like her face is wierd, why?

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