Ready, Set, Volume! Styling Trio

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Ready, Set, Volume! 

Tried-and-true   customer favorites!

This volumizing hair styling bundle includes 3 of our signature products that help you achieve voluminous hair. Seal the Deal End Sealer, Sleeky In a Bottle Serum, and Root Werk Root Lifter are the perfect combo for you to achieve full, luscious hair.

How To Use

Apply a drop or two of Sleeky In a Bottle Serum from midsection to ends of wet or dry hair to smooth hairstyles and combat frizz.

Apply a quarter-sized amount of Seal the Deal End Sealer in your palms and lightly massage the product into your wet or dry strands, concentrating on the ends. 

Spray Root Werk Root Lifter 2 to 4 inches away from wet or damp roots and let the product set for a few seconds and lightly massage the product into your roots. Blow-dry and style hair as usual.