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NuMe Rewards & Loyalty Program: How to Make the Most of your NuMe Experience

January 23, 2019 | Posted by NuMe Team
NuMe Rewards & Loyalty Program: How to Make the Most of your NuMe Experience

We wanted to take the time to introduce you to our new Rewards & Loyalty Program. To show our love, we created a program where we can give back to all of our loyal customers as a thank you for continuing to support us as a brand. Therefore, we designed a way to make sure you feel extra special and be a part of our NuMe Squad by granting you exclusive VIP access to our site!

By joining our rewards program, we'll give you sneak peeks of exclusive offers and announcements before anyone else gets to see them. It's also incredibly easy to sign up. Just register, shop, and the points will automatically accumulate! And don't worry, buying products isn't the only way to add up those points - there's a whole lot you can do, so let's break it down:

Registering alone will start you off with 150 points as a "thank you" for joining!

In addition to that, leaving us your honest feedback on any of the products you've tried out will also earn you 250 points per review. We want to know how we can constantly better ourselves to give you tools you want to use.

You'll also earn points by referring your friends; 150 to be exact when they register for the NuMe Squad! Additionally, you'll receive 500 points after they make their first purchase!

We love a good celebration so we're giving away 500 points on your birthday every year. It's literally that easy. You get 500 points a year, just for being born!

The last way to rack up points is by posting your NuMe looks on your social media! You can post a photo to earn 100 points or post a video of your finished look for 500 points! Include your finished look in your photo with #NuMeStyle and #NuMeSquad to receive up to 2000 points every year earned through your beautiful photos and videos! It's that simple!


Need some inspo for your next hair-fie? Head over to our Instagram to see the different looks you can achieve with our NuMe tools. Even check out our blog for in-depth tips, tricks, and tutorials. Work, school, date night, parties - you name it, we are always posting new hair 'dos to try out for any occasion! Keep your posts public and don't forget to add #NuMeStyle & #NuMeSquad in the caption. Then, send the link over to NuMeSquad@NuMeUSA.com. The more platforms you share it with, the more points you'll get!

Stay up to date with our newsletter and socials for our double and even triple point periods!

So now that we've gone over that, WHAT can the points get you??
You can save up your points to earn free gifts, products, tools, and even tickets to exclusive NuMe events! Here at NuMe, our goal is to grant this exclusive VIP access to make you feel like part of the NuMe family more than ever before. We want to thank you for your loyalty and continued support of our eco-friendly and cruelty-free philosophy while creating beautiful hair styles in the process!

Check out our website for further information on our point system!

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