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Who Run the World? Curls: How to Get Beyonce-Inspired, Natural Looking Curls | Best Curling Iron 2019

March 27, 2019 | Posted by NuMe Team
Who Run the World? Curls: How to Get Beyonce-Inspired, Natural Looking Curls | Best Curling Iron 2019

Beyoncé is amazing at a lot of things. A lot. Looking stunning is near the top of that list. She has a way of rocking completely divergent styles and owning all of them, particularly when it comes to her hair. In her two decades of stardom, we've seen a plethora of styles from the queen, but some of her best—and most frequently copied—are her curly looks. So today, we're paying homage to Bey's big, beautiful curls and giving tips on how you, too, can be as curly-licious as she is.


Look 1: Soft & Shiny


It's hard to even imagine Bey without her signature some-shade-of-beautiful-blonde locks. Oh, but there was a time. You have to go way, way back in the day to find proof, but there she is with a baby face a head full of dark brown tresses. In this look, her chocolate locks cascade down in deliciously soft, shiny curls—a style you can dupe with our Megastar X. With its larger floating plates, this straightener is ideal for creating both the straight roots and bouncy, curled ends. To get that glossier-than-lipgloss finish, smooth some Gloss Boss on top of your strands. It'll have you singing no, no, no, no, no to frizz and yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah to shine.


Look 2: Blonde & Beachy


All the way at the other end of the Bey spectrum, you have these beachy, sunkissed-blonde natural tresses. Perfection lies in the lack of perfection in the curls. The fact that they're just doing their thing—while, of course, Queen B is doing her thing—makes for some effortlessly sexy vibes. The key with thick, curly hair is moisture, moisture, moisture. This is even more imperative if your hair is dyed. So treat it with the Mane Goals Deep Repair Mask, formulated with shea butter and nourishing oils that will hydrate and invigorate hair. It's sure to keep you crazy in love with your natural-textured locks.


Look 3: Defined & Dreamy


If you're feeling something a little more defined, this Beyoncé-approved look might be your go-to. Recreate this style with the NuMe Magic Curling Wand. Available in 19mm, 25mm, and 32mm barrel sizes, this gem can give you everything from tight ringlets to beach waves. The style B is flaunting is a perfect in-between that, again, is perfect without being perfect. So after you've curled, give your hair a light tousle, and set it with Freeze Please Finishing Hairspray to make sure those locks stay in formation.


Look 4: Effortless & Elegant


Not many things can top a Bey bun. Particularly not one as carefree as this. As we've established, Mrs. Carter is a master at looking effortlessly chic, and this top knot is no different. The loose, curly tendrils are what truly set this one apart. Grab our Classic Curling Wand to quickly throw some curls into your hair before propping them up in a messy bun. You'll have an up-do that takes minimal time but gives you maximum double-takes. Love on top, indeed.


Look 5: Natural & Notable


Okay, Sasha! Nothing's more fierce than this curly ponytail right here. Naturally curly girls trying to rock this look can go from zero to Yoncé in no time. Just prep hair with a little Argan Oil for luster and softness without the greasy feel. Then slick some Sleeky In A Bottle on the top section of your hair to tame frizz, smooth strands and add shine. This will help keep your roots laid, ensuring your pony is as queenly as Bey's.


So there you have it, super cute curly 'dos for any occasion! Share your thoughts with us on IG @NuMeStyle or sign up for our newsletter at NuMehair.com for hair tips and exclusive offers.


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Author: Kristin Tucker



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