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51 Great Hairstyles for 2020 (#11-30)

October 27, 2020 | Posted by NuMe Team
51 Great Hairstyles for 2020 (#11-30)

A new hairstyle can provide a complete transformation to your look. The right cut will complement the angles of your face and lend an updated style that really brings that wow factor.

With so many styles out there, finding the right one can be really overwhelming. Well, never fear. We’ve compiled these looks to make it easy for you to find the perfect hairstyle.

30. Straight Mob

Photo Credit: Amymaeshair

We’ve talked about the lob and we’ve talked about the bob. Now here comes the mob. The mob is typically right near shoulder-length and it works when hair is curly or straight.

29. Traditional Layers

Photo Credit: Sarawitha_y

This cut typically has layers starting around chin length and a few more flowing to the bottom. It works well with blondes and dark-haired women alike.

28. Combover Haircut

Photo Credit: Sally.a.griffiths

No, we are not referring to the style so many men adopt when they are losing their hair! Rather this refers to a cut that is almost shaved on the sides and has some length on the top. It makes for a great edgy look.

27. The Pixie

Photo Credit: Inpixiecutswetrust

The classic pixie has some length in the front as well as the back. While the back does not have a significant amount of length, it usually comes a few inches below the nape of the neck. This is what differentiates it from an undercut pixie style.

26. Chest Length Wavy Haircut

Photo Credit: Beckimayhair

This is a nod to a classic long-haired look that will never go out of style. The chest-length is perfect for both waves and bangs.

25. Curly Shag Haircuts

Photo Credit: Photo Credit: @UrbanBloomCurls

Shags are typically worn on short hair, but curly hair can bring the perfect amount of sloppiness and volume that elevates look in every way.

24. Long Feathered Haircut

Photo Credit: Kennyleungofficial

As everything old becomes new again, we look to the long-feathered haircut as the perfect tribute to seventies fashion. Cheryl Tiegs ain’t got nothing on you!

23. Textured Cut with a Fringe

Photo Credit: Hairbyjoec

We often think of textured cuts as going with swoopy side bangs or thin-curtain bangs, but adding a fringe can take it to a whole other level. The choppy bottom is matched with neat straight bangs to make for a look that will turn heads wherever you go.

22. Long Textured Haircut

Photo Credit: @the_summerstylist

This one is great for medium-length hair. A few inches below the shoulders is an ideal length for a heavily textured look that’s edgy, sexy and really delivers the wow factor.

21. Short Shag

Photo Credit: shelby.loos

Shags aren’t only for long hair. You can rock this messy look with hair that is shoulder length or even shorter! Chic and stylish, this look is great for the office or you can tousle it to mess it up for an exciting night out on the town.

20. Asymmetrical Haircut

Photo Credit: Kadernictvitanakmenta

You don’t have to have short hair to sport this asymmetrical look. Longer hair that is grown out on one side can also give a great Avant-garde look. Add some swoopy bands to complete the style.

19. Futuristic Bangs

Photo Credit: Futuristicgoth

Thick, even bangs that go slightly into the hairline will give you a modern, futuristic look that works well with both short and long hair alike.

18. Cuts for Thin Hair

Photo Credit: Wetohairstudio

If you have thin hair, you can still have plenty of fun with it. One way to wear thin hair is short in the back with some longer bangs to play with. No need to worry about volumizing anymore, simply add a bit of mousse and you’ll be good to go.

17. Curly Crop

Photo Credit: Emma_gardner_elvis

Who says you can’t wear curly hair short? Leave some length on the top and cut your hair in at the neck to make for a playful look that’s easy to manage.

16. Jagged Baby Bangs

Photo Credit: Hair_by_paulie

If you can’t seem to get those bangs even, make the most of it by wearing jagged baby bangs. These super-short, uneven bangs work great with short, sloppy shags; they can still also be worn with longer styles.

15. A-Line Shoulder Length Cut

Photo Credit: Hair.by.charlene

An A-line cut is one that is shorter in the back and graduates to a longer length in the front. It’s typically seen on shorter bobs, but when those start to grow out, that doesn’t mean you have to even things up. An A-line shoulder length is great for an effortless look. Add curls on the bottom and highlight with an ombre two-tone to make this cut look even better.

14. Long Blunt Bob

Photo Credit: Studioedilaineelias

Lobs tend to give a disheveled look that goes well with layering. However, you can also match them with blunt cuts. A shoulder-length works well with this look and even gives you a bit of hair to play with.

13. Ear-Length Blunt Cut

Photo Credit: Denisse.piedra

This look is sleek, professional with an alternative twist at the same time. Cut stick-straight at the ear, this style is great for rocking a punk look, while also working well with a suit and tie.

12. Sweeping Bob

Photo Credit: Lylaclare

This haircut is perfect for adding volume and texture to a classic bob. Layered at the bottom, it is perfect for highlighting the facial features. A side part finishes off the look to provide a polished elegance that is still a lot of fun.

11. Undercut Pixie Cuts

Photo Credit: Sonia_rohrbach

Undercuts are huge this year. These are cuts that are boy-short at the bottom and have a bit of length on the top. A messy over one eye look will provide a pixie cut that complements the super-short look perfectly.

Now that you know what’s out there, which hairstyle do you think will work best for you?

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